Friday, April 28

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


9:00 AM - 9:10 AM

Opening Remarks

9:45 AM - 10:10 AM


How to Build and Scale a Multistate DTC Telemedicine Company

  • Choice of corporate entities, incorporation, the suite of key contracts
  • Compensation, supervision, scope of practice, and distributed staffing models for doctors and non-physician clinicians
  • Creating a valid doctor-patient relationship via telemedicine without an in-person exam
  • Designing the patient-facing front end and rules for ecommerce, electronic signatures, and asynchronous online medical intake processes
  • Laws and rules to expedite multistate expansion


Nate Lacktman

Partner/Chair of Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team
Foley & Lardner LLP


10:15 AM - 10:40 AM


Lab Tests and Diagnostics Are Moving to the Home: An Outlook on the OUD Market

  • Understanding why remote patient monitoring is a component of so many telehealth service models
  • For opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment, monitoring patient urine drug screens (UDS) is an essential component of care to show progress toward goals, maintain patient accountability, prevent diversion, and ensure safety of treatment
  • Why embedded safeguards against result falsification are critical to successfully monitor urine drug screens
  • Overview of the Bicycle Health home UDS system, as well as results of a clinical research study that evaluated buprenorphine diversion


Dr. Rebekah Rollston

Head of Clinical Research
Bicycle Health


10:40 AM - 11:15 AM

Networking Break

11:15 AM - 12:10 PM


In the Trenches: Breakout DTC Companies Discuss Why the Model Works

  • DTC can improve companies' bottom line and lower prices for consumers
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Enhance consumer engagement and brand loyalty
  • Personalization enables the treatment of consumers as unique individuals


Domenic Segalla




Saad Alam

Hone Health



Sumit Nagpal

CEO/HIMSS Board Member



Jack Jia



12:15 PM - 12:40 PM


Telemedicine and the Impact of Ryan Haight Act

  • How to Prescribe Controlled Substances via Telemedicine Under Federal law
  • Proposed rule changes by the Drug Enforcement Administration announced in March
  • History and evolution of the 2008 Act
  • Scope of the regulatory requirements
  • Exceptions to in-person exam requirements


Thomas Ferrante

Attorney at Law
Foley & Lardner LLP


12:40 PM - 1:40 PM


2:15 PM - 2:50 PM


Understanding What Patient Data You Can Legally Track and Use

  • Navigating the law
  • Data tracking and HIPAA compliance
  • Data storage, security and protection from cyberattacks
  • The risk is real: legal issues surrounding patient data sharing
  • Maintaining data integrity includes staying up-to-date


Ryan Blaney




Roger Cohen



2:55 PM - 3:25 PM


From Pandemic to Endemic - Integrated Marketing in the "New Normal"

  • While we may be over COVID, COVID isn’t over us
  • The way we do business had changed
  • B2B Businesses have become accustomed to transacting virtually
  • Healthcare consumers make their own decisions, they are digital empowered and enabled
  • Competition and Marketing Savvy Are Increasing with deep pocket private equity and venture capital involvement, changing the business of healthcare
  • Private Practice(s) Have Consolidated at an Astonishing Rate
  • New Disrupters have Emerged


Justin Knott

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing


3:25 PM - 3:55 PM

Networking Break

3:55 PM - 4:30 PM


Behind the Curtain: Demystifying the M&A Process for DTC Providers

  • Who is buying DTC companies and what the current deal activity looks like
  • What sellers need to know about the M&A process along with the steps involved
  • Regulatory and legal considerations specific to DTC healthcare
  • The Devil is in the details: The importance of due diligence for DTC


Rachel Boynton

Managing Director / Partner



Tom Knapp

Brown & Fortunato


4:35 PM - 5:10 PM


Culturally Competent Consumerism: Using Technology to Build Patient Trust

  • Personalized care starts with self-reported data
  • Building patient loyalty and trust using technology
  • Collecting and using data about race, ethnicity and language (REL) and sexual orientation and
    gender identity (SOGI) to inform patient engagement and retention strategies
  • Best practices for culturally competent outreach


Thea Briggs

Director, Strategy



Dr. Alicia Cowley

Director of Clinical Content


5:10 PM - 5:20 PM

Closing Remarks

Unmatched Networking & Innovative Programming


We take pride in being first to offer innovative programming and exciting professional networking opportunities across the markets we serve. As with all DealFlow Events, The DTC Healthcare Conference offers a technical agenda designed for professionals working in the industry.

Our events always begin with great programming and a commitment to deliver high-quality content. Below are just some of the unique presentations and panel discussions we’re developing for The DTC Healthcare Conference.

Legal & Regulatory Considerations

  • Understanding state-by-state rules for online medical providers
  • Navigating FDA guidance on healthcare advertising
  • Personalizing care through the use of patient data (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Will negative side-effects pose a serious legal threat to DTC
  • State licensure and telehealth
  • Pending litigation against DTC healthcare companies and how to avoid it
  • Privacy and security issues specific to telehealth
  • Understanding what patient data you can legally track and use
  • The legal differences between “user data” vs. “patient data”
  • Setting up BAA’s and confidentiality agreements
  • Making sure your privacy policy and terms of use are bulletproof
  • Click-wrap vs. click-thru agreements
  • Compliance policies: Training and oversight
  • The legal framework across states for asynchronous care delivery
  • How recent regulatory changes have been a catalyst for telehealth
  • The impact of expiring pharmaceutical patents on DTC healthcare
  • An honest assessment of whether DTC bypasses safeguards in the healthcare system
  • How digital health might benefit from a similar system as food-labeling
  • Understanding the licenses you need to prescribe – and promote – medication online
  • Discussion of the FDA’s position on DTC and whether new standards are forthcoming


  • The rise of complex DTC healthcare
  • What consumers want (price and convenience) and why that’s not changing soon
  • Hybrid care and whether DTC eventually pursues brick-and-mortar
  • Why Covid hastened the acceptance of DTC healthcare amongst consumers
  • How the metaverse and accessible sensory hardware could revolutionize DTC healthcare
  • Understanding the rapid growth in female-centric DTC
  • Evaluating different care tactics via DTC and telehealth
  • How DTC dovetails with primary care, chronic care management, elective specialties, and acute care
  • Trends suggesting diagnostics and lab tests are moving into the home
  • Digital pharmacies and their role in DTC healthcare
  • Asynchronous vs. synchronous communications in DTC care strategies
  • Why clinicians play a special role in care navigation for digital health
  • How technology companies act as gatekeepers for digital healthcare
  • Evaluating whether DTC leads to overconsumption of services

Finance & Investment

  • The pros and cons of “transactional healthcare”
  • Market factors that have propelled DTC into the mainstream
  • Understanding why there’s so much investment interest in DTC healthcare
  • Funding trends in telehealth and DTC healthcare
  • Evaluating the most popular areas for treatment using DTC strategies
  • Why DTC offers a unique economic advantage for companies
  • What the end of the Covid public health emergency might mean for the market
  • Evaluating provider efficiency when compared to traditional care
  • How to calculate the cost of new patient acquisition

Operating Strategy & Marketing Tactics

  • How to maintain patient engagement
  • Addressing the challenges of continuity of care in a digital format
  • Dealing with high risk patients
  • The limitations of the “consultation-to-
    prescription” model
  • Technology platform options for DTC
  • Advertising strategies that have (and haven’t) worked
  • Successfully using “free trial” strategies
  • How to make telehealth engaging for older patients
  • Credentialing for telehealth
  • Telehealth technology and outsourcing agreements
  • Complexities dealing with insurance in the DTC sector
  • Why user experience and customer support can make or break your business
  • Discussion of the various tactics being used to treat patients via DTC
  • Using blogs, newsletters, community forums, and personalized feeds to educate patients
  • Marketing strategies based on gender, sex, age, and other demographics
  • Using online screeners and self-diagnostics for patient engagement
  • Developing your peer community to provide ongoing patient support
  • The importance of branding strategy
  • Developing a user-friendly online patient portal
  • Remote patient monitoring opportunities
  • Developing dynamic forms for asynchronous healthcare
  • Chatbots and the role of Artificial Intelligence in DTC

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