Justin Knott



Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Justin Knott is a medical marketing expert and CEO of Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. He works with medical practices and healthcare organizations to tell their stories, promotes their procedures and specialties, and develops patient-centric marketing strategies that attract and retain patients. Justin’s expertise lies in marketing strategy, SEO, and paid ads. He regularly speaks and contributes to national publications on various digital marketing topics.


2:55 PM - 3:25 PM

Friday April 28, 2023

From Pandemic to Endemic - Integrated Marketing in the "New Normal"

  • While we may be over COVID, COVID isn’t over us
  • The way we do business had changed
  • B2B Businesses have become accustomed to transacting virtually
  • Healthcare consumers make their own decisions, they are digital empowered and enabled
  • Competition and Marketing Savvy Are Increasing with deep pocket private equity and venture capital involvement, changing the business of healthcare
  • Private Practice(s) Have Consolidated at an Astonishing Rate
  • New Disrupters have Emerged
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